5 Benefits of Expertise: How it Can Help your Company Exceed in Digital Transformation

Posted by CloudGenX Solutions on 7/6/18 1:32 PM

Digital transformation is integrating digital technology in all sectors of a business.[1] That being said, it is so much more than that, this process has the ability to push your company decades beyond your competitors because it can increase your productivity, improve your CRM, and keep your employee satisfaction high. This transformation drives your company into the future but this is all provided it is done properly. An expert in the field of digital transformation ensures your success.

Are you worried about outsourcing this task? Totally understandable! At CloudGenX Solutions, we believe in a clear, open-communication and we will also align your technology with your business goals. We help with the migration process and will handle any concerns that arise before, during and even after. Now, if you’re still not convinced, here are some benefits from working with an expert throughout digital transformation.




Benefit #1: We understand this business

This may be obvious but we aren’t called experts for any reason. Our team is highly trained and certified in Microsoft solutions. Our years of experience, skills, and goal to help you will culminate for you to achieve objectives, and if not, go beyond.

Benefit #2: We understand YOUR business

We get it, changing technology in your company is a big change. Before anything, we discuss your business goals and they remain the priority as we go through the process. Say you want to improve collaboration, we would suggest a solution such as SharePoint which is a platform that staff can use to work together and to upload all their current projects. Digital innovation has been known to fail when the technology does not work for your objectives.[1]

Benefit #3: We provide training sessions

Chances are your staff are already used to another type of technology for their job. These changes can come as a bit of a shock and often, employees are afraid of embracing digital transformation. When helping your company with the migration process, we facilitate training sessions for employees to learn to use the new technology. This will curb their fears about this transformation and the company will become productive instantly.

Benefit #4: Ensure these changes go smoothly

Did you know that while 87 percent of companies believe that digital will disrupt their industry, but only 44 percent are prepared for this disruption?[2] This can be avoided because digital changes will not hit your company like a brick wall since we can help you with them. This is our field and we know what doesn’t work. Research shows that strategies that are planned for the long-term are more likely to succeed.[3]

Benefit #5: You won’t waste resources

Those with deep digital experience and an outsider view are able to uncover problems quickly.[4]  We will make sure you don’t head down the wrong road and waste money and time on the inappropriate solutions. This will guarantee you begin acquiring the benefits of the solutions.

While it may seem scary, digital transformation can be easy with the right tools. CloudGenX offers the knowledge and experience to ensure your success in this process. Contact us today for a Free Customized Demo or a Quote, or any question you may have related to our solutions and your business needs.




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