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Posted by CloudGenX Solutions on 7/5/18 2:17 PM

CloudGenX understands changing the technology solutions in your firm seems like a daunting task but we assure you that our guidance will rid you of your concerns. Our AAA (Affordable, Applicable, Adaptive) graded solutions are created specifically to address these fears and smoothly carry your company into the future.

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A Digital Transformation may seem like a lot of money in a budget given you have other constraints. This is seen with the 39% of decision-makers who believe a negative effect- in terms of revenue -will happen within 3 months of beginning the process.[1] These fears do not need to exist when working with CloudGenX because we have customizable, affordable packages for your company and our expertise will ensure your firm only reaps the benefits of transformation. We have also Business Value Discovery and ROI Assessment.


Has your company always stuck to one method? Are you afraid that digital transformation isn’t for you and it may be too difficult for your team? Digital transformation is now an inevitable process for businesses who want to remain competitive. We’re here to assure you this transformation if done properly, can maximize the benefits either through increased productivity, efficiency or more collaboration amongst your staff. You may not also want to change everything entirely but we have solutions and custom-made packages which are tailored for your goals.


We are Microsoft partners and have seen a number of positive effects from the implementation of their solutions. While these solutions are popular, they are not just cookie cutter models. We will help you with the customization of the software so it suits your business goals. On top of that, we assist with the migration process; we can lead workshops or train your staff as to how to use this technology. They will gain valuable skills and your firm will excel!

It is no secret that digital transformation is buzzing amongst firms around the world. While it may seem difficult or your firm is afraid of some of the risks, we can make it a simple process and all you have to do is enjoy the benefits.


[1] NH Learning Solutions, “3 Concerns Regarding Digital Transformation,” New Horizons, June 6th, 2017,


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