Azure is the Solution to Success and Savings in Your Company

Posted by CloudGenX Solutions on 7/6/18 4:07 PM

A solution offered by Microsoft is Azure which is a growing cloud service which helps businesses conquer their challenges. It allows any firm to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications using any language, tool or framework. A notable feature is the Cloud Automation with Azure where you have the tools to automate key business work-flows, to make your business move faster and smarter.

A company who recently began using this solution is Maersk which is an integrated transport and logistics company with multiple brands and a global leader in container shipping and ports. They came to realize the importance of digital transformation and their research led them to the Microsoft Azure Solution. They sought to transform their operations as well as generate new revenue streams. Their goals were all accomplished with this solution.


They began by establishing a team of business and technical talent from both Maersk and Microsoft. They wanted to move their five data centers onto the cloud and did so in only six months and it alleviated their reliance on any hardware. This has created better performance and scalability which improved employee productivity. [1]

Maersk estimate this technology will eventually save the company tens of millions of dollars each year and will allow them to develop products that help its customers make better decisions. Maersk when seeing the value in digital transformation and worked with Microsoft to implement these solutions. They have broken down their data silos to find new levels of productivity and efficiency. CloudGenX conducts our operations quite similarly as we collaborate with your firm before jumping into the solutions.

CloudGenX is known for our helping throughout the migration process of implementing the technology. We understand that digital transformation can be a daunting and difficult process so we make it easy. We discuss your priorities and objectives as a firm before proceeding to the technology eliminating the risk of wasting time or resources. Our certified experts will then use their knowledge to implement the appropriate technology followed by helping train your staff. We want you to benefit the most from these solutions and will cater your technology to do so. Maersk is one example but these solutions work in firms of all sizes and can even apply to any industry. Take your company to the next level, if not further, and let us help you! There are more advantages in partnering with us such as disaster and security recovery since Azure comes with the more rigorous privacy and compliance laws in the world.

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“Global transport and logistics company goes digital to transform its operations.” Microsoft. December 21st, 2017.


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