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Customer Relationship Management is a broad concept which can now be simplified with the use of the correct technology. This will not take away from the thoroughness of your business processes but instead it is an efficient adjustment in this strategy. Given its useful qualities, it is predicted by Garter that by 2021, CRM technology will be the largest area of spending in a company in terms of enterprise software.[1]

A brief version of how the technology operates is as a centralized database which stores information about customers enabling a firm to maximize their customer’s experience. This data includes a customer’s contact information, communications, accounts, purchases and preferences. 



How can a Customer Relationship Management System help your Firm Exceed Expectations?

The benefits of this CRM software are endless such as accurate sales forecasting, reliable reporting and enriched products and services. The newer CRM technology has branched out further into different business sectors. For example, this customer analysis method can help reveal how to better understand a sales pipeline. Marketing teams can draw upon this data to better paint the picture of a customer journey.  The supply chain sector of a firm is better able to manage their relationships by having efficient meetings with suppliers and partners, and schedule follow-ups.[2]  

The Methods of CRM: Find the shoe that fits

The technology used can vary in scale dependent on necessity. For example, a basic system would be the use of spreadsheets. In order to be more thorough, however, there is a necessity for a detailed and large system around the company to keep track of this data. This will more effectively tackle issues such as identifying trends and emerging markets, the lack of data from sales and interactions with customers.[3]

The revolution of the cloud, however, has made the implementation process for your firm a lot easier saving the labour of installing software on all the desktops in your office. This cloud system has notable advantages including automatic software updates. Cloud CRM is also deemed cost-effective as there are up-front costs which remain consistent avoiding any surprises.[4] Finally, a company could be in one room or span across many countries, the information on this technology will remain accessible and further engage your staff.

Where CloudGenX Solutions Can Help your Company Achieve your Goals and Even go Farther

We want to help you succeed beginning by discussing your business goals as we understand those come first followed by the recommended CRM technology programs. Our differing packages offer your company many different methods of developing this program. Our Microsoft programs also have a number of tools which could either begin or enhance your CRM programs. For example, Dynamics 365 which unites the CRM and ERP abilities. We will ultimately create a 360-degree view of your customers, bringing your company into the future while also staying true to your roots.

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