Digital Transformation: What your company is afraid of can be handled simply

Posted by CloudGenX Solutions on 7/6/18 9:59 AM

Do you remember the time when a cell phone was around 1.15 kg or when wanting to watch a movie, you had to put one of those bulky tapes into a VCR (if you even remember what a VCR is). Things sure have changed since one can barely feel their cell phones in their pockets and watching a movie is only a couple of clicks away. Digital transformation is stirring amongst firms either in the works or imminent in a company’s future. These changes are accompanied by fear for a lot of people which is completely understandable. It is scary just to implement these changes at an individual level, let alone a whole company undertaking this shift. It does not have to be this way though, with CloudGenX Solutions, a company can ease into their changes staying true to their roots.

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Why your company should invest the time and energy into digital transformation

Do you know that a third of senior marketing leaders in emerging markets believe that their company will become known as a digital business in five years?[1] These thoughts are echoed by DeWolf (CEO of 3Pillar) who believes that in just a matter of years, every successful business will also have a thriving digital business.[2] Business transformation is spanning across every industry because innovation leads to optimization.[3]

Other than wanting to remain competitive, there are other reasons firms are going through a digital transformation. For example, creating a collaborative environment in the office can be done using software programs like SharePoint which encourages people to upload their ideas and facilitates discussion amongst employees. Digital transformation can be your firm creating links between sectors of a company which strengthens the firm.[4] That being said, these advancements must be done correctly to ensure the success of a firm.

CloudGenX Solutions Saving your Company the Headaches and Delivering the Results

A common mistake is while companies undergo this transformation, they forget their customer needs and make features which no one has a use for.[5] This reduces, if not completely eradicates, the value which comes from a digital transformation. The companies who fare strongly are those that formulate a strategy to tackle their technological changes. This is exactly where CloudGenX can help you. We begin by discussing your business goals before anything and we will help you accomplish them through Microsoft technology. We will also train your team as to how to use whatever software program you choose to implement. If you want to do something at a large scale, we would recommend the Microsoft Office 365 program. This offers several tools to reach out to customers, mechanisms for teamwork like a team chat or shared calendars, and it ultimately helps strengthen your business. You can manage your customer relationships or create and send invoices. On top of our helping implement this software, it has an easy-to-use admin center from any device and 24-hour support is available. That being said, there are other smaller options and your company can decide what is best for you! Digital transformation can a broad concept made simple.

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