Dynamics 365 for any of your business needs

Posted by CloudGenX Solutions on 7/6/18 4:45 PM

Are you looking to remove any bottlenecks in your operations? Want to maximize the productivity in your firm? Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s new approach to end-to-end intelligent business applications in the cloud. You can pick between certain modules which work well by themselves or get all of them which work even better together. This solution will break down data silos in your firm and can unify CRM and ERP. Your firm can connect all its processes like finance, sales, services and operations which will streamline business processes and enable your firm’s growth. This is the only solution that the application infuses big data, advanced analytics, and IoT into processes out-of-the-box proactively guide employees and customers to optimal outcomes with predictive insights.


Each module can offer your company a competitive skill. For example, Dynamics Marketing can increase demand by automating tasks from multi-channel campaigns to events. You can even improve your customer service through Dynamics 365 for Customer Service as there will be self and assisted support to strengthen your agents enabling them to deliver personalized experiences to customers. Dynamics 365 also has a module for Sales and can empower sellers with insights like customer needs which will work to increase your sales. The point is Dynamics 365 has a module for every sector in your firm and will automate processes increasing your productivity.

If you’re still hesitant, CloudGenX Solutions can help! We have a strong understanding of these programs and can custom their processes to your goals. Before we implement anything, we discuss your firm’s objectives and ensure the solutions work for them. In addition, we will help train your staff as to how to use the technology and as a result, they will maximize the benefits of the programs. If you’re not ready for the whole program, we advise starting with what you need.

One of many cases in which Dynamics 365 enabled unprecedented levels of success was in Primo Water Corporation which is the leading supplier of bottled water dispensers in the US. They implemented Microsoft Solutions in order to take advantage of technological capabilities. Due to this program, they saved around $200,000 in time and labour because many of their tasks became automation. Furthermore, they no longer had to print paper invoices saving them $5 per invoice and an added benefit of this was it being environmentally friendly. [1]

Dynamics 365 has been implemented in businesses of all sizes, and types. This is because it customizes to your need and we can help make sure you are maximizing the benefits every day.

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