Four Challenges of Digital Transformation

Posted by CloudGenX Solutions on 7/6/18 10:44 AM

There is no doubt that technology is touching every nook and cranny of businesses nowadays and those companies who are technologically advanced do better than competitors. An interesting thing is 81% of businesses believe in the completion of digital transformation initiatives is essential to protecting revenue from damage in the next year.[1] This transformation, however, is not always easy for any firm. This article is going to go over some of the challenges a majority of firms face while going through a digital transformation and how CloudGenX Solutions will get rid of those issues and help your company reach unprecedented levels of success.


Challenge #1: We do not have a digitization strategy

Lacking a foundation for your digital transformation may result in a loss of time and increase in costs.  CloudGenX Solutions will guide you through this process and together, we will develop a strategy which aligns with your objectives. We have a PEER Commitment for Performance, Effective, Expertise, and Resourceful. Our methods will help you develop your strategy. We also have a variety of packages, and different Microsoft Solutions you have the option to pick from if you desire; these service packages are made to demonstrate the business value and ROI for the specific solution for your business.

Challenge #2: Integration will fail

A study revealed that 89% of IT decision makers are worried about the issues of integration as it can slow their processes because digital transformation could potentially put constraints on other resources such as time or budget.[1] This is totally understandable but CloudGenX will help with the migration process of your firm. We have a highly trained staff of technical consultants who have extensive experience implementing solutions in businesses of all sizes. Our expertise will prevent issues from arising with the implementation and not waste your resources.

Challenge #3: I am on-board but my team is not

Change is scary for everyone and we understand why it would be for your team as well. Studies reveal that internal culture is deemed a challenge given 40% of firms face organizational resistance to change.[2] This is why we work closely with your company to deter any of these fears. We will go through the process of training your team in using the solution you chose so that they will develop new skills instead of fearing change. We ultimately want to ensure a smooth transition and will be there for each step.

Challenge #4: We have a limited budget

We understand your firm has a number of functions to carry out and cannot dedicate too much time or many resources to this endeavour. Our services are affordable through our Business Value Discovery and Return-on-Investment assessment. It is up to you to decide which services to use and which will work within your budget.

Competition may be what is driving your digital transformation but the firms who have gone through it have found a more positive experience amongst their customers. There has also been an increase in sales for firms with over 90% seeing an improvement in sales order process efficiency.[3] This is a big change hence it being called a transformation. It doesn’t have to be difficult though as our expertise will ensure your success.

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