Real Madrid Football Team works with Microsoft to Engage Fans all Around the World

Posted by CloudGenX Solutions on 7/5/18 4:01 PM

Ever wondered how Microsoft solutions could play a role in your company? Would it make you better or are they just bells and whistles? This article is going to go over how Real Madrid partnered with Microsoft and used their cloud to achieve global scalability. Today, Real Madrid’s club officials say they have a 30 percent revenue growth thanks to this technology.[1] Cloud solutions, when implemented properly, drives your company’s success.



In deciding they wanted to undergo a digital transformation, they began with a meeting attended by the club’s principal stakeholders and Microsoft representatives. They discussed their needs and strategy to reach fans, particularly those outside of Spain. We, at CloudGenX Solutions like to engage with clients the same way. Keeping your business goals in mind is our priority as we realize how important they are to formulate a strong strategy.[2]

Real Madrid developed their own sports platform which was built by deploying a number of Microsoft cloud solutions such as Azure, Dynamics 365 and Office 365 together. This became a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) Solution and enabled Real Madrid to have a seamless experience across devices. This technology was able to connect more with its fanbase and track when fans would mobile check-in at a stadium or make purchases online. This also translated into better insight for the Real Madrid club. Azure provided fans with the ability to watch old and new content. There is now also an application which is interactive and is rated one of the best apps.[3]This is just one of the hundreds of cases in which Microsoft solutions have helped companies excel.

In summary, Digital transformation really is effective when there is a strategy in place to implement it the business vision. CloudGenX will help you develop the strategy with the appropriate technology to make your transformation a success. Allow your company to propel past competitors and achieve all your goals with easy to use technology.  If you’re still not convinced or a little hesitant, CloudGenX is notable for our help through the integration process. We customize the solutions for your goals followed by helping your staff learn how to use the technology. This will ensure the maximum benefits such as increased productivity, more collaboration, and revenue growth, are derived from the solutions.

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