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Posted by CloudGenX Solutions on 7/5/18 3:06 PM

Current employers are facing the issue of a shrinking talent pool and a lack of an captivating workplace. Recruitment has become difficult as seen in 2015, when 38% of employers reported they had difficulties filling job vacancies.[1] This is a significant issue because strong employees are the guarantors of your success. Things have changed as candidates are no longer focusing on the monetary rewards but expect other things from the workplace such social Corporate Social Responsibility or the advancement in their field. This article is going to go over somethings your company can adjust, particularly in terms of technology, that will not only attract A-tier candidates but keep them in your company.




You may be wondering will the employees really make a big difference in my company’s success? The answer is YES!  A study of more 600000 researchers, entertainers, politicians, and athletes found that high performers are 400 percent more productive than average workers.[2]

With the right team, your company will excel

Now you might be thinking: how do I attract and retain employees? There are a few tips and tricks we’ll help you with!

First, your company’s culture is vital to attracting strong candidates as well as engaging your employees and as a result, retaining their employment. This means to you need to create a culture which employees enjoy. A good method of improving the workspace of your employees is the use of technology or programs like SharePoint to promote a collaborative environment. This program allows people to upload their ideas and content to a central system. Collaboration also engages employees and the use of this technology will provide an avenue for employees to express their opinions if they are usually quiet with people. Creating a good culture in the office is important as it can encourage employees to remain at your firm. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, workers stay at each job, on average, around 4.4 years but the average is lower for younger people.[3] This will cost your company as you now have to look for someone to fill that role. A positive, fulfilling workplace will attract talented employees and encourage your current employees to stay at your firm.

Technologies can help retaining

Next, something which will motivate your employees is telling them the goals of the company and then empowering them to exceed these expectations.[4] You can do this simply with technology by implementing applications which provide data through ERP programs to all employees so they can carry out their tasks without having to waste time looking for documents. Our applications can also work anywhere, even offline, allowing your employees to continue working whenever and be empowered to meet your goals.

Let’s discuss how CloudGenX can help you meet your goals of better recruitment and retaining talented employees. Our software programs ultimately create a better workplace for your employees and attracts talented candidates to your firm. Your company could use our Dynamics 365 program for Talent which helps attract the right people and engage your talent. This software which shares all this data can be accessed by all your staff and enable them to exceed goals. Something worth noting we will help train your team in how to use this technology avoiding any frustration of business processes.



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