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Posted by CloudGenX Solutions on 7/5/18 2:02 PM

You know when you are at a restaurant and you just want everything on the menu. Of course, this isn’t feasible so you settle on one dish you had your eye on. What if you didn’t have to make that choice anymore? More specifically, what if your firm didn’t have to decide which solutions to implement but could have it all? Every sector in your firm could prosper beyond fathom-ability with the right technological solutions. This article is going to cover some key products that offer universal benefits.




Let’s begin with the cloud. The advantages of cloud computing nowadays are very hard to summarize. First, your employee satisfaction will be higher given it provides them with the ability to work anywhere with an Internet connection. Another pro to this is you can work anywhere even on vacation.

Next, this secure system prevents you from losing data. Gone are the days where if you lost a piece of hardware would important data disappear. With a cloud, everything is uploaded onto one central system which you can continually access.

Finally, the cloud customizes for your company. You can adjust the cloud to work in the ways that work for your company. This also as an indirect sustainable effect but your firm will not waste energy unnecessarily. Every part of your firm could begin using the cloud and benefitting from its capabilities.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) seems to be on every magazine ad and article heading nowadays. Is it a trend or are there actual substantial benefits to this technology? The answer is it has amazing advantages for your firm. For example, there is an automation of tasks; AI can learn to do an accounting staffs manual processes such as accounts payable saving them time so they can place focus on other tasks.[1] AI is also known to greatly assist in marketing endeavours as it can analyze copious amounts of data. In fact, 27 percent of marketers surveyed cited an increase in productivity among their staff as a benefit from AI.[2] AI is fundamentally a key to digital transformation along with a concerted effort.[3] CloudGenX Solutions can help you implement such solutions into your company.

IoT (Internet of Things) with enhanced applications is also driving digital transformation in firms and it has significant benefits. First, IoT is the evolution of data collection methods and presents exciting opportunities for transformative business growth.  IoT can help your company pounce on new business opportunities, and it can also help you adapt to current market trends efficiently. The data analysis helps build a better platform for customer experiences. Lastly, it can provide the automation of tasks and integration of processes. [4]

These are three main systems which are catalyzing digital transformation in companies. All have the ability to automate tasks, analyze data and help your company succeed. Jump into the future past your competitors with these systems.



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