Use Microsoft Intune to Protect your Data in the Best Way

Posted by CloudGenX Solutions on 7/6/18 5:01 PM

CloudGenX Solutions understands that the security of your company data is extremely important which is why we recommend Microsoft Intune to manage user security and identity. We boost the power of this solution to include personal computers and servers. We do this through seamlessly integrating Intune with a System Centre Configuration and this will provide consistent management experience across devices; on-premise and in the cloud. This solution has the best compliance and data security requirements. This is a file-level encryption to protect data even when it leaves your organization’s boundaries with built in for files at rest and in motion. Your firm will also have the decision to implement Intune in the devices you select. Other benefits include reduced costs since you will save on infrastructure costs since everything will be mobilized in the cloud or a corporate app store where you can deploy corporate applications to any device via a familiar and easy to use corporate application store.


Accenture is one of many companies to utilize this solution with approximately 140,000 Accenture employee devices and 450,000 identities as of January 2018. This provides their employees with Microsoft Office and prevents sharing with native apps. It has sparked a number of positive benefits such as an integrated mobile worker experience with all features available, more usability amongst employees with programs like Microsoft Outlook and Skype. The catalog experience is also more visual and easy to use. Finally, the most important characteristic is the security. Intune has allowed secure access to many Accenture mobile applications without requiring root-level access and the reading of encrypted emails that were native due to Microsoft Rights Management.[1]

                A strong positive with Accenture is their feedback amongst employees who are more satisfied. They enjoy having everything centralized and can chat with colleagues via Microsoft Teams or join conference calls using Skype. [2]

Your firm can tap into these benefits as well through the integration of Intune in your company solutions. Accenture’s case was successful due to the collaboration with Microsoft to develop their solutions. We believe the same principles here at CloudGenX and will prioritize your business goals as we implement Intune and cater it to your needs.

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