Discover opportunities to grow revenue and add value for your customers.

Refer a client and drive additional revenue for your business

Introduce and promote CloudGenX to your network of clients and earn referral for each sales. There is no fee to join. There are no minimum referral requirements to be in this program and you get paid real money (not gift cards) for any accounts that signup with CloudGenX.

Earn recurring revenues while we do the work

CloudGenX is always looking for new business relationships. Your organization receives 15% commissions of the size of the contract with the prospective client. Your only responsibility is to submit a qualified lead: NO support, NO billing. The program works by paying you a recurring revenue each month for 12 months based on the total value of your 15% commission.

How to submit A LEAD

Our program makes it easy for the Referral Partner because we do most of the work! All you need to do is submit a qualifying lead with as much information as you can provide and we’ll handle it from there. There are no lengthy contracts between us and signing up is free and simple.

  1. Simply complete and submit a qualified lead through this referral form
  2. After completing the form, you will be notified whether the referral is eligible for the program
  3. . You can choose to be informed of the progress during the sales cycle or not
  4. Receive a referral payment for new business sold to eligible referrals

Terms and conditions

You can refer as many qualified customer as you want.
The lead must be qualified and the deal must close within 90 days.

For any customer that you refer that meets the guidelines, you are eligible to earn a referral bonus for new business purchased by that customer within 30 days of the customer joining us. You will receive a referral bonus after the referred customer has paid its first invoice in full. Bonuses will be paid by check as of the end of the month following the month in which the referred customer pays its first full month invoice in full. A referral bonus may be earned only by a corporation or other legal entity, and not to an individual.

Additional services purchased by the new customer after 30 days of the original contract are not eligible for a referral bonus. CloudGenX may, at any time and for any reason, modify or cancel the referral program at its sole discretion.

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